Chi Loves: Kali Uchis

If you’re sick of listening to the same 10 tracks on the radio and are looking for someone new we suggest Kali Uchis. Uchis has quickly developed a reputation as the new artist who can produce a chill mix of classic 60s and 70s soul, reggae and a bit of early 2000s R&B–in about 5 minutes. Uchis stated during her interview with Billboard that it often surprises people how quickly she can write a track, ‘“Five minutes. Everyone I go into the studio with is like, “how the f***do you do that?”’

kali uchis from billboard

Besides Kali Uchis’ music, her style is something to watch out for too. A fun, feminine form of 60s and 70s makeup and fashion is a great way to describe Uchis’ style. You can see her style in many music videos such as Only Girl (which she co-directed with Corey Bailey). She brings back one 60s look in particular that softly whispers, vintage romance and whimsy.

Uchis dances in a bell sleeve crop top and skater skirt combo towards the end of the video in true Mod style fashion. Clad in a pair of kitten heels and the perfect cat-eye liner, Uchis’ standout looks all come from her willingness to be genuine. Uchis stated in her Billboard interview that, ‘“But even as a civilian, I was always hearing people’s bullshit about the way I look, or the way I talk, or the way that I like weird shit. So I was just like, “might as well get paid for this s***.”’ From her affections to all things classic and feminine, to her willingness to be raw and true to herself, Kali Uchis is definitely loved by Chi.




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