Amandla Stenberg Shines in “Let My Baby Stay”

Is Amandla Stenberg good at everything?

On May 19, the movie Everything, Everything premieres in theaters, of which Amandla stars. This past Wednesday, Amandla dropped their first debut single which is also be featured in the romance film.

“Let My Baby Stay” is originally performed by Mac Demarco, from the 2014 album “Salad Days.” After listening to the original, I noted that while Mac’s version is slow and somber, while Amandla’s version is a little more upbeat with more dynamics. Amandla’s cover is dreamy and seems to put you in a trance, and the music video that accompanies it does the same thing.

The video consists of Amandla dancing around of what appears to be teenagers engrossed in their phones, oblivious to Amandla’s existence. They are all awash in soft but vibrant contrasting lights that blur beautifully into one another. I’m not sure if it’s just an artsy aesthetic Amandla wanted to do, if it’s some kind of metaphor, but I do know that I love it. The song gives off a melancholic, lonely vibe, and the detachment of Amandla’s peers from around them seems to emphasize that loneliness. “Please don’t take my love away / Let my baby stay,” Amandla sings, gazing into the camera, before breaking off to enthusiastically dance again.

Although “Let My Baby Stay” is Amandla’s first single, it isn’t the first time they have lended their voice to a film. In the 2017 indie film trailer for As You Are, you can hear Amandla’s singing near the end. Let’s cross our fingers that there will be more music from them! (Seriously, Amandla, can you drop an album?)

Watch Amandla Stenberg’s debut music video below:


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