A Witness to Willow’s World

Words by Adzaan Muqtadir

You know that bittersweet moment where you make a life-changing musical discovery but you come to realize that you’re way late on the bandwagon? That’s the feeling I got after a recent indulgence of Willow Smith’s music. We all remember her music debut from her ever so popular, “Whip My Hair”. Two EPs and a full album later, Willow has undoubtedly and inevitably altered her image since releasing the 2010 single, definitely maturing both lyrically and conceptually. She even landed a feature in the song “Rose Golden” on Kid Cudi’s album “Passion, Pain, & Demon Slayin” which was released in December of 2016 (the whole album is definitely worth a listen to as well). Her intention with her music is well stated in her Soundcloud Bio where she uploads her music. She writes, “I just want to make music so that I can raise the consciousness level on this planet. Let’s all come together in light, love and harmony through oneness with ourselves and All That Is. Enjoy.”

What I find the most gravitating about her music are the visuals, specifically for the songs “Jimi”, “Female Energy”, and “November 9th”. Her music videos are a dream for someone like me who’s very into seeing conventional artistic concepts being executed through a different medium. For me, those music videos are like watching a three minute moodboard. To the average viewer, the imagery used may appear to be random and unrelated. However, for those who think abstractedly, the images relate perfectly with the accompanying words playing right into the synthesia experience.  For instance let’s look at “Jimi”. The video contains all sorts of things, from close ups of Willow posing with flowers to appearances of jellyfish. Yet, with the randomness there’s an artistic harmony with the lyrics being the glue to pull the projects together.

Willow’s brand of alternative culture is what I aspire to be in my own creative endeavors, putting together elements that make sense to what my mental thought process is at a particular time and allowing that to be enough to stand on its own.

Adzaan Muqtadir is currently a student at Miami University. Along with ongoing artistic endeavors, Adzaan works as a fashion blogger for her school’s fashion magazine, UP. You can read her articles on the site at https://upmagazineblog.wordpress.com/ and find her on her public Instagram @theadzaanaesthetic


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