Our Top Five Neo Yokio Quotes!

Neo Yokio is well on its way to becoming a cult classic. The Netflix anime is a refreshing mix of comedy, action and supernatural elements that makes it a delicious binge watch worthy show. Our pink haired hero, Kaz Kaan wastes no time between sulking, making fashion statements and demon hunting. This Magistocrat character (a magic wielding aristocrat) is no stranger to sharing his bold narrative, here are five funny quotes from our most eligible bachelor Kaz Kaan.

“Sorry guys, but I can barely navigate the hellish vortex between breakfast and dinner, let alone the labyrinth of the field hockey field.”

“Do we have to? I just got some seriously distressing news about my outfit.”

“Hey this is Kaz Kaan, I have a question that only a premiere fashion blogger can answer…”

“Well…that is the most melancholy pasta”

“While I’m gone, write 1,000 words on the graceful geometry of cable-knit sweaters.”

Kaz Kaan’s snappy dialogue is buzzing with catchphrases and meme worthy material. We can see a lot of Kaz’s quotes on t-shirts but one in particular stands out among the rest. Check out our “You Don’t Deserve This Big Toblerone” t-shirt available on Adorned by Chi, here. Images from @shotbysage



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