Why The Tassel Fairy Should be Your Black Girl Magic Icon

We’ve already expressed our love for Amina Mucciolo aka Studio Mucci aka The Tassel Fairy so check that out to know why we just can’t get enough of her rainbow-colored lifestyle. But this time around we want to list the reasons why Amina should be your (yes you!) #blackgirlmagic icon!

She’s a #BOSS

Amina isn’t know as the Tassel Fairy for nothing! What started as a way to brighten up her own space during a tough time has now blossomed into a full blown business and online platform, where she’s able to spread a message of self love and positivity. You can purchase tassels here!

She speaks up & speaks her truth

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Amina is unapologetically herself, not shying away from speaking on social issues- and we love her for that!

Just like Oprah, she likes bread

“I like bread” crop from Adorned by Chi

I mean, this is pretty self explanatory- ha! Bread is liffffffe.

What do you think? Are you as obsessed with Amina as we are? Because we totally are!


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