We’re writing a comic about Magical Girls in West Africa!

So if you’re familiar with us, you know we’ve been making anime inspired gear for a while, but after introducing our own unique characters with great success, we’ve decided to expand their stories and offer a unique take on the magical girl genre that we love so much- we’re setting the story in Nigeria, with Igbo mythology weaved in as our inspiration!

We could just drop these characters on social media like we’ve been doing, but instead we’ve weaved a tale in the form of a 9 issue 100+ page graphic novel/comic series that spans from the beginning of time to the near future. We’ve called on the talents of our favorite illustrators, animators, and musicians to create a one-of-a-kind multi-media experience and now we’re calling on you to help make this happen!

Are you interested in West African magical girls? Check out our Kickstarter and share if you love it!


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