Six Amazing Artists You Need in Your Life

Words by Kailey Flyte

Growing up marathoning Sailor Moon, Dinsey princess movies, and Jem and the Holograms, my love for animation and illustration has bled over into my 20s. But instead of turning on the tv or popping in a VHS (rip), I get my fix from artists on social media! Here are five of my very favorites.

1. Asieybarbie (

Asieybarbie’s vibrant world of richly vivid hues and bold, artistic style illustrate public figures like Beyonce and Janet Jackson to Steven Universe and Sailor Moon characters.

2. Vicki Tsai (

Vicki’s illustrations manage to combine gorgeously styled women (think purple hair, dessert inspired outfits, and much much more), with sparkles and empowering themes. Not only is Vicki a ridiculously gifted illustrator, but her talent also touches on music, and video making, and she also happens to be such a sweet, smart person.

3. Nneka Myers (

Character artist Nneka’s stunning illustrations look like an animated movie I desperately wish existed! Beautiful shading, cute, cartoony characters, and brilliant brush strokes all make up Nneka’s dreamy little universe one I want to escape in!

4. Sibylline M (

French artist Sibylline’s vivid use of color, clean lines, and distinctive style has garnered a following of almost 200,000 strong and the attention of Netflix France. It’s no wonder, I kinda wanna live in Sibylline’s art…

5. Paulina Ganucheau (

When I think of Paulina, I immediately envision magical girls, ice cream, pizza, and pastel colors. Ganucheau’s currently illustrated Zodiac Starforce, a gorgeous comic series about a group of teenage girls with magical powers and killer style – highly recommended!

6. Leslie Hung (

Leslie Hung, also known on tumblr as milkmanner, shares stunning sketches with pops of color as well as brilliantly detailed, intricate pieces. She now illustrates SnotGirl, a comic about a social media star with stunning dyed green locks and a serious allergy problem.

Kailey Flyte is an ice cream enthusiast, wanna-be cartoon character, and blogger at Mermaidens.


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