Six 5-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is only 6 weeks away! If you’re anything like me, you’re planning on going all out with your costume- and if you’re also like me you know you’ll actually end up waiting until October 31st and pulling something cute out of your closet for a last minute look, ha! Back in college my go to was slapping on cat ears and calling it a day, but with fun tees you can create so many costumes! Here are 6 ideas to get you started:

70s Foxy Lady

What you’ll need: Purchase a groovy 70’s inspired tee from our Foxy Lady collection and pair it with tube socks, vintage shorts or thrifted bell bottoms.

Wakandan Princess

Channel Shuri by wearing one of our Princess of Wakanda tees! You can do some quick, cute face paint or go all black with the tee below and pair with a beret.

Black Barbie

Pair one of our doll inspired tees with a pink skirt/accessories for a totally chic Barbie-inspired look!

Bulma Briefs

Wear our Bulma tee with a pink skirt and scarf to channel our favorite DBZ lady!

Melanated Powerpuff Girl

Dress up our PPG melanin tee with a blue, pink, or green skirt to channel your favorite crime-fighting trio!

Goth Girl

Any tee from our Halloween collection with Bianca Xunise will do! Slap on some black lipstick and a witchy hat and you’ve got yourself a cute goth-inspired look.


What will you be for Halloween?


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