Our Top Five Melanated Anime Characters!

As African American anime fans it’s understandably been a struggle when it comes to representation. But whenever we do spot a brown skinned character, especially one with afro textured hair, it’s always cause for celebration! There are actually more Black characters than you might think, but here are our top 5 in no particular order:

Kaz Kaan

Kaz is a pink dreadlock-rocking magistrocrat with a bad case of existential malaise and an excellent taste in clothing and confectionery treats. He battles demons in-between sighing and shopping and worrying about his status as most eligible bachelor. Kaz should be annoying, and he kind of is, which adds to his charm.

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Anthy Himemeya

Anthy is the soft spoken “rose bride” from Revolutionary Girl Utena, who starts out as not much more than a prize to be won as her classmates duel for her affection. However there is a darker, more powerful side to Anthy under all those roses and fluff!

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Atsuko Jackson

Atsuko Jackson is a white fro’d tough Brazilian police officer tasked with arresting her childhood friend, Michiko Malandro, who has freshly escaped from prison to find her daughter and a mystery man from the past. Every character in Michiko & Hatchin is amazing and so is the fact that the entire show is set in Brazil with mostly Black characters. It’s a must watch!

Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem from Tiger and Bunny is the culmination of so many things I never thought I’d see in an anime- They’re queer, feminine, rich, powerful and Black!

In a world where superheros are pretty much owned by corporate sponsors who pepper their costumes with logos Fire Emblem acts as their own sponsor, allowing them total control over their image. That’s just how awesome they are!

Princess Allura

One of the last Alteans left, Princess Allura from Voltron is royal, regal, playful and powerful. Basically everything we love!

Who would be in your top five? Leave comments below! And follow our Pretty Girls Like Anime playlist on Spotify.

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