How to Throw Yourself a Pity Party

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Life isn’t all sunshine and roses, we all know this! And as much power as there is in positive thinking sometimes you just want to sulk…and that’s ok! You have to allow yourself the space to unleash your emotions in a healthy way. You don’t want to live life like a shaken up can of soda. We all know what happens when those eventually open up…

So, here’s how to properly throw yourself a pity party. Because if you must wallow, you might as well make it a thing.

Step 1: Set the mood


Candles are great for setting the mood and laying the groundwork for an amazing pity party. Believe it or not, scent matters! So pick your favorites and mix and match. I like one fruity candle in the living room and a fresh scent in the kitchen.

Step 2: Find your soundtrack

When it comes to parties of the pity variety, I prefer my music slow, sad and somber to match the vibe I feel inside. You’d think it would intensify my negative feelings, but really when I listen to someone else singing of their hard times it reminds me I’m not alone! Here are my absolute favorite songs at the moment:

Try making your own soundtrack and send it to me via Twitter!

Step 3: Order/Make Your Favorite Foods

giphy (28)

My food of choice for when I’m feeling down? Cheap Chinese takeout. I love the way the warm greasiness envelopes me like a hug from a good friend. Whatever food you choose is totally up to you!

Step 4: Party!

giphy (26)Now you’re surrounded by great smells, sounds and tasty foods. This is when the party starts! And this part is completely off the cuff and up to you. You can cry, vibe, dance, read a book, call a friend, paint, make homemade face masks. Do whatever makes you happy and whatever makes you feel free! I personally write and dance around my room like an extra in a Solange video.

By the end of the party you should feel relaxed and relieved, even if it’s only a little bit. Every bit counts!

What do you do when you’re feeling down? Share below!

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    Yesssss! Why do we like all of the same songs! And this is so hilarious lol

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