Five Youtubers You Need to be Following

Words by Kailey Flyte

Who else loves to unwind after an incredibly stressful day with Youtube? Seeing hilarious and gorgeous women applying their makeup and sharing tips, tricks, advice, and bits into their day never fail to cheer me up! Here are five that never fail to put a smile on my face!

1. Cydnee Black (


Cydnee’s videos are incredibly informative, beautiful to watch, and Cydnee herself is a doll!



Whimsical, quirky lookbooks and makeup with a Wes Anderson feel? Karen’s videos are a dream come true!

3. Jackie Aina (


One of the most hilarious and helpful makeup channel’s I’ve come across, Jackie never fails to provide not only stunning makeup looks (and how achieve them in brilliant detail!), but commentary on everything from lack of diversity in the beauty industry to funny every day antidotes.

4. LaMadelynn (


Maddie’s love for film really comes through in her videos – think stunning visuals and beautiful typography that takes her makeup and lookbook videos to the next level.

5. princessmei (


Gorgeously filmed videos featuring everything from makeup tutorials, vlogs filled with dogs, and beautifully shot lookbooks make up Mei’s amazing channel.

Kailey Flyte is an ice cream enthusiast, wanna-be cartoon character, and blogger at Mermaidens.

  • Victoria


    Look forward to checking out a couple of them. Jackie and Cydnee I already knew .

  • Felicia


    Thank you for introducing me to these talented ladies! I am already subscribed to Jackie but I had never heard of these other YouTubers before. Thanks!

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