Trend Spotting: Giving You the Cold Shoulder

The sun is bright and illuminating its way through the soft cover of the breaking clouds outside. The temperature is not only inviting but the gentle breeze beckoning you to come outside is enchanting. Today is filled with the intoxicating energy that something great is about to happen. Whether it’s that fashion haul you ordered coming in the mail or your favorite anime boyfriend or girlfriend is about to get a new story arc, today just feels good.

We all know how to dress on those days that feel blah. The rough days call for a uniform of cute and comfy but how do we celebrate the days where magic is in the air? What’s the “today is going to be awesome” outfit? We would suggest experimenting with the latest off the shoulder look to celebrate the brilliance of a great summer day.

Our first off the shoulder look is sweet, fun and functional. Slipping on this romper comes with great ease and is definitely for the girl looking to experiment with her more feminine side. Frills, tassels and a little exposed shoulder speaks to our more playful side. I can imagine wearing this to a trip to a national park with friends.

Our second look is super comfortable and incredibly easy to style. This off the shoulder chambray dress can be worn in a more feminine aspect with some cute little white heels or perhaps go in a more bohemian direction with a floral crown and a cute fringe bag. The versatility of chambray is endless, so we invite you to get inspired by the day before you and get creative with what you channel for this look.

Our third look plays on drama like no other. The detachable sleeves, the falling petals akin to a portrait can be worn to complement our large rose floral crown or to lay the platform for an edgy choker. This look could be easily switched to fit a more romantic setting with bae or could be made into a night out look with the girls, it’s all about embracing the off the shoulder aspect that opens the door for more options.

I think it’s safe to say the off the shoulder look is reigning supreme this summer and for good reason. The versatility of this warm weather approved look has enchanted us and I’m sure it’s done the same for you. The beauty of bare shoulders, the versatility and how it complements the season is what makes the off the shoulder look loved by chi.


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