Chi Loves: Amina Mucciolo

Meet our new favorite unicorn, Amina Mucciolo. Besides being the “tasselfairy” , Mucciolo is the creator of Studio Mucci a design firm based on bringing to life whimsical and fantasy like designs, such as her tassels. From her pastel and rainbow painted closet to her beautiful messages on self-acceptance, it’s easy to see why we’re all so enchanted by her.

Mucciolo’s path wasn’t always cotton candy colored tutus and cuddle sessions with her puppies. The tasselfairy struggled with many things on her journey to business success and self-acceptance. In an interview with the blog Inspired By This, Mucciolo states “Not to be dramatic but Studio Mucci totally saved my life!”

During the interview it’s revealed she struggled with bulimia for 16 years in secret, was trying to manage her OCD and struggled to find direction in life. Mucciolo states further in the interview with Inspired By This, “I was in a great deal of pain and believed that I would probably not live to see 30, let alone achieve my dream of having a creative career”.

The unicorn queen then decided to partake in a few crafts in her spare time and decided to list some of her creations on Etsy, her brand essentially took off from there.  Mucciolo stated in the interview, why she decided to create a business “The fact that I started with nothing, no expectations and not much to lose was what really allowed me to take risks. I just made things up as I went.” Through her struggle she found a way to incorporate her passions into a successful business while maintaining her authenticity and that is why Chi Loves Amina Mucciolo.

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