Casual Cosplay: Black Bulma

I’m not here to front… I’ve only ever watched one episode of Dragon Ball Z and Mr Popo freaked me out enough that I never watched again. However, there is one DBZ character whose cute style caught my eye and I couldn’t help but be inspired by- Bulma!

Her signature pink look makes her teal hair just pop, and her whole aesthetic is everything I love about 90’s anime– the cinched waist, the flared mini skirt (well, dress in her case), and a smart accessory (her scarf). I don’t have a cute scarf so I wore a choker and replaced her bow with a hat.

Different but still captures her cute essence! Want the look? Shop the 90s Anime Aesthetic Tee and Alien From Outer Space Dad Hat at Adorned by Chi! Or, buy a Bulma tee to make it more accurate!


Edit: Peep my updated cosplay featuring our Bulma tee!

Do you draw inspiration from anime characters? Share with us below!



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