An Ode to Ladies in Berets

There’s just something about a beret that screams class and sophistication, no? Berets are great because they’re not quite as bulky as most hats, but add just enough charm to an outfit to let the world know “I tried today”. In celebration of our second-favorite type of head wear (second only to crowns, of course), here’s an ode to our favorite ladies donning the dainty French caps:

Beret Girl x Judy Funnie

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With a name like Beret Girl, the mysterious poet from An Extremely Goofy Movie deserves to be at the top of the list. Her black beret compliments her all black, body hugging ensemble and adds to her enigmatic persona.

Judy Funnie from Doug, also a poet, opted for color, donning boots to match her purple beret while wearing sunglasses to keep the mysterious and artsy air about her in tact.

Moral of the story- if you’re a poet and you don’t wear a beret are you really a poet? We think not!

Cher Horowitz


Draped in pinstripes and plaid galore, Cher from Clueless is the queen of bougie prep looks. Her beret and knee high socks give her the look of a girl with money in the bank and a handful of etiquette classes under her belt.

Anthy Himemiya


“Magical girl”, “damsel in distress” and “witch” are all ways you could describe Anthy Himemiya from Revolutionary Girl Utena, but in her chic Parisian-inspired outfit from the show’s finale you can also call her a bonafide fashionista. She paired her pink dress, perfectly cinched at the waist, and matching bolero jacket with white mary-janes and the cutest white beret. Yes I get that I’m describing an outfit worn by a fictional character, but seriously, is this not the cutest ‘fit you’ve ever seen??

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